About Fleksy


Fleksy is the fastest and most PRIVATE keyboard in the world. Available in both Android and iOS, it combines powerful gestures with auto-correction in 45+ languages. Highly customisable, its themes make Fleksy feel very personal.

Fleksy is a mobile keyboard extension that offers content suggestions based on user conversations. Fleksy users are able to access content on any messaging app and perform web searches without having to switch between apps.

Founded in 2011 as a mobile keyboard for the visually impaired, Fleksy is so efficient that anyone can use it with their eyes closed. 

Fleksy was awarded the title of the fastest mobile keyboard in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, and is unique due to its powerful gestures, flexible customisation, and for being the most private keyboard on the planet. Users can search videos, restaurants, gifs, news and memes, and share everything, without ever leaving a messaging app.

With over six million downloads to date, Fleksy allows OEMs to monetise via fleksyapps by sharing revenue of each link users share.

By having Fleksy installed on government officials devices, Government can be sure their conversations will be private. 



Thingthing is a young and dynamic company with the ambition to become the most private keyboard company there is. Founded in 2016, we believe the keyboard is the one element that can increase productivity and save time when using a mobile.

The team has solid experience in app development and creating and growing businesses. Thingthing's ambition is a to build a seamless user experience on the keyboard which is not only fast, but also private, and integrated with many apps and extensions that make typing an effortless task.

In July 2017 Thingthing took over development of Fleksy and is now taking the company to new heights.


Just type. 
We believe in a future where you type and the keyboard does the rest. A fast typing experience that feels connected, unified and private. 


Thingthing is VC-backed company who has so far raised 400k and is currently fund-raising for 2MM.

The Team

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