About Fleksy

⌨️ Summary 

Fleksy is an award-winning alternative keyboard for your phone and tablet available for Android and iPhone. Fleksy aims to give you full control over customization and productivity. With Fleksy, you can share, find and send GIFs, stickers, videos, images, links all from the convenience of your keyboard. No more switching between apps. Fleksy counts for more than 13 million downloads on the Google Play and App Store combined.

More information available on www.fleksy.com

📚 History

Founded in 2011 as a mobile keyboard for the visually impaired, Fleksy has evolved into being the fastest keyboard available on iOS and Android thanks to clever gesture typing and powerful autocorrect.

In July 2017, the Barcelona-based company Thingthing, took over the development of Fleksy with the ambition to build a seamless user experience on the keyboard. The new team behind Fleksy is now focused on making the keyboard even faster by integrating apps and extensions directly within the keyboard to boost productivity and make typing an effortless task.

In October 2018, Fleksy successfully secures $815,119 from 446 investors via its equity crowdfunding campaign allowing them to grow the team and develop new products.

Following the funding in April 2019, Fleksy launches its own app store called the Fleksyapp store integrating apps directly within the keyboard, letting users access their favorite apps right from the convenience of their keyboard without ever having to leave the messaging app they’re using.

In June 2020, Fleksy reveals its keyboard SDK offering allowing companies, organizations, and developers to integrate Fleksy’s proprietary technologies into third-party apps. Developers will also be able to customize the look and feel of the keyboard and make use of Fleksy's auto-correction & next-word prediction engine, smart gestures and 50+ languages.

👀 Vision

We believe in a future powered by AI where you type and the keyboard does the rest. A fast typing experience that feels connected, unified and private where switching between apps on your mobile will be a thing of the past. 

💰 Funding

Thingthing has raised a total of 1.2 million euros in from VC funds and crowdfunding campaign to date. Fleksy is self-sustainable since then.

👥 The Team

Find out more about our team here.