I use Fleksy all the time it is very handy to type faster and I love how you can make your own themes.
[Fleksy] It's an amazing keyboard… Easy to set up. Easy to use. Great features such as quick keys for often typed sentences. Auto correct is accurate and predictive offerings always correct. Love it!!! Can't go back to regular keyboard anymore…
Best keyboard app yet i mean you can make it go invisible and it can change colors on 4 other themes its such a amazing app and i have had many keyboard apps and nothing is good enough to be better than fleksy and its the only keyboard app with gestures you can even swipe down the space bar what an flekscellent app!
"Genius. [Thingthing] Saves a significant amount of time for those who work from their smartphones.."
"[Thingthing] Greatly enhances sharing amongst several social media apps. Awesome!"
Best keyboard app out there.. Best layout... Best customization for the layout.. Fun to use and play around with.. Different sizing options for your keyboard... Get to use a custom image as the background to my keyboard which is nice.. Options to display numbers row.. Fancy extentions to make a colorful typing experience.. 5/5 keyboard app..